Germany tour

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went to Germany for the weekend. We spend about 3 hours of driving to get to Waldhotel Riesebuch which was the name of the hotel we stayed at. The hotel was really good if you are going in that neighborhood. The service was good and the food was excellent – something that I can recommend. The hotel is placed next to the woods which has marked tracks you can follow. We did that when we arrived after the past hours in the car. That was an enjoying walk with my girlfriend where we saw several animals such as Eddie the dog among others and Blackie, a small snake who where fighting for its life with a bird. We enjoyed a cold glas of white wine when got back and afterwards an excellent 3 course dinner.

Saturday we played the Lübeck-Travemünder Golf Klub which was a twenty minute drive from the hotel. The weather was nice but neither of us didn’t manage to play well enough to our handicap, but the course good, especially the first nine holes were great. We played the Blau/Rot combination. Afterward we where tired and headed back to the hotel to relax a bit before the dinner. Again the dinner was good, 4 courses this time and not German inspired as I though it would be.

Sunday we drove in the same direction as we did Saturday and ended up in Timmedorfer Strand where we played a round of golf with a German couple. The course was in great shape and beautiful the whole way around. I managed to make 38 stableford points and got a new handicap 14.4 🙂

We ended the round by taking a bath and went to the club restaurant to get a bite to eat away from the hot sun. Afterwards we sat outside under the big umbrella and watched the incoming players on hole 18. It was fun to watch and comment on, we had just played the hole ourselves and knew how to do it – easier said than done 😉

The words of a great weekend in Germany with my girlfriend. 🙂

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