Teetime Open AAGC

Yesterday I participated in Teetime Open which where held in AAGC. Cool to have a home course advantage but I didn’t manage to play to my handicap. I managed to get 31 points which could have been better if my driver and some of the irons strokes had worked a bit better. A day with sun and good company including one of the best players in the club, but also a player who should have stayed at home. Did I forget to mention that I don’t like people interfering my lineup when I’m about to drive my ball of the tee and asks about my 3-wood – shut the f… up and prepare your own shot instead of wasting our time by talking! It took over five hours to play the 18 holes, that is too long time to be out in the sun, it should have been maximum 4,5 hours.

How to play faster:

  • Do the club selection before you get to the next tee or your ball on the fairway. If your ball is farest away from the flag, its your turn.
  • Read the putting line and prepare your put when others are putting, but don’t get in their way.
  • Don’t waste ten practice swings, one or two is enough and you save energy.

I got a new handicap because of the low score but hopefully I can lower it again some other day. 🙂  My handicap is now 14.5, it went up 0.1 🙁

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