The heavy rain made it to Denmark

The weather in July has been pretty good, but now it has changed into gray rainy conditions. Yesterday I went out to play 18 holes with two other guys from the Gentlemens Club. I did 18 points on the front 9 and 14 points on the back nine, nothing alarming good but 32 stableford points are better than the last three rounds I have played where I only did around 24 stable-ford points per round. Nevertheless it is a turnaround for me to do the 32 points, but the next time I play golf the goal is to make 36 points to play to my actual handicap.

A the end of the round the weather changed into more and more rain. Luckily we arrived at the 19th hole when the clouds broke, right in time for a well deserved beer. 🙂 This morning the same thing happened when the clouds broke again over Aarhus, I’m crossing my fingers that the weather will change back to the good July weather, we have gotten used to, again soon. 🙂

Have a great one!
Over and out

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