Changing weather

The month of July has been great concerning the weather – I even think that it has set new records. Wednesday this week I played hallington from white tee in AAGC(Gentlemen’s Club) in such good weather. Hallington is a special way of calculating points close to stableford. On each hole you double the par (not your own) and substract the number of strokes you have used. This means that if you use 5 strokes on a par 4 then the result is 8-5 which is 3 points. After the round you add it all up and add you player handicap, if the total score is equal to the par of the course you have played to your handicap if it is above you might be qualified for regulation. I did 74 hallington / 38 stableford and a new handicap of 13.6. 🙂

Yesterday I went to Mollerup to compete against their Gentlemen’s Club. As always the clouds broke and we got a lot of rain – approx 3 out of 5 hours. Despite the heavy rain I managed to play some good golf and made 31 stableford points, which gave me a 5th place in the A group. The prize was a bottle of red wine.

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