Looking back

I have briefly been studying my progress over the years. My golf handicap has been lowered every year but the graph is neither linear or exponential. Take a look at the graph and compare it to your own progress.

HCP Progress

The bars, one for each year, shows the handicap ultimo (blue) plus the drop (red) which in total shows the handicap primo for the year. For 2006 the numbers are handicap 54 primo with a drop of 17 handicap-points (31%) down to the ultimo handicap 37. The two years 2007 and 2009 has the smallest drops which could either mean that I haven’t played that much or I have been struggling with the game. For both years it looks to be the first, based on the number of tournaments I have played each year, but I also think that more practice has been a factor.

The conclusion regarding handicap lowering is that it gets harder to drop the lower you go – it requires a lot of practice and some good tips from the Club Pro.

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