Finally I made it

It has been a while since I wrote my last post but time fly 🙂 I managed to play a good solid round of golf this Wednesday where I was able to beat my handicap – first time this year. I did 7 pars, a birdie and scored 37 stableford points (brutto: 85, net: 71). Last time I played this good was over a year ago when I did a round in 79 strokes. My hands are still over my head 🙂

I hadn’t played for two weeks because of work and the weather so I did not expect to be able to play this good but somehow a little bit of luck, a bucket of balls on the driving range and a few puts on the putting range did the job. Almost everything worked that day – a solid putter, good driving and perfect short game did the trick although there where some holes where I messed up and scored zero or one points. The score has given me a 2nd place in the Wednesday tournament – it will be great to pick up a few bottles of wine the next time. 🙂

I got a new gadget at my birthday. My girlfriend gave me a gps watch which can tell the distance from where I’m standing to the front, mid and  back of the green – that is so cool and usefully. I don’t have to go to my bag and take out a range finder or some other big gadget – I have it on me all the time on the course which means that it doesn’t take extra time using it. 🙂

Have a great season end.

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