I got a new handicap but in the wrong direction

The new season started a while ago with a rusty swing and too few points. A round in 36 points is still MIA (missing in action) but I’m hoping for it to show up within the next month. My new handicap is 12.0 and the next time I get adjusted up to 12.1 I get an extra shot on the scorecard.

At the start of the season I thought about what to improve to get more consistent and came to the conclusion that my short game was too unstable. I’m talking about the low short game from 15 meters and to the green. I think that I have used the Phil flop shot style in situations where a low approach shot would be easier to handle and result in a better score. Now I just have to get the feel around green to get the ball closer to the pin.

The driver and 3-wood are pretty solid but I think that is because I try to use the right iron/wood which makes sense to use – and not to measure who can swing the biggest canon on each tee as I often see people do. Therefore the takeaway from the article is: Be realistic and use the club or iron that you can handle – if the driver always slices you should either leave it at home or get some pro-lessons.

Enjoy the game!

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