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A good round of golf in Grenaa

Yesterday I went out to have brunch at my parents which was nice and gave us some good energy for a round of golf. After the good brunch I went out to Grenaa Golf Course with my uncle. It started out with a par on the first hole which is a par four for my uncle. I threw my first ball away but managed to get it in the cup and score one point – not the best start for me.

The course is quite good at the back nine holes, several of the first nine is not exiting especially not when the fairway hasn’t been cut for several days. I mean if you have fairway grass where the ball can hide in between the straws then the green keeper hasn’t done the job well enough. The semi rough is even worse – cut down the grass so that we can play some golf! 🙂

As I wrote earlier the back nice is quite nice both as a challenging golf hole but also when you look at the nature surrounding it. Hole 13 and 14 is placed in a good spot where you have trees, water and some animal life to spice it up, it is quite nice to play those two holes but also challenging. My uncle did not manage to make any points on the 14th hole, but I did a birdie. The hole is a 395 meter par 4. I placed my drive at around 250 meters, just short of the water that you have to shot over. Next I played a 7 iron about 135 meter towards the green, but came a few meters short of it. Finally i did a hinge and hold chip with the sand wedge, landed it on the green and the ball rolled the 1,5 meters towards the cup and in – whoohooo nice birdie! 🙂

I played a solid round, the best ever so far, and scored 42 stable-ford points which means a new handicap. The new handicap is 16.8 – 1.8  (6* 0.3) = 15. This also means that I have to play the easiest hole at AAGC in par – sad but true 🙂 My uncle did not play his best round of golf and ended up with 22 stable-ford points, he will do better in the weekend I’m sure.

Some stats from the round:

  • Stableford points = 42 (19 out, 23 in)
  • Total strokes = 85 (44 out, 41 in)
  • Total puts = 29 (16 out, 13 in)
  • Birdie = 1
  • Par = 7
  • Bogey = 5
  • 2x bogey + = 5

What a comeback by Bjorn

Congratulations to Thomas Bjorn 🙂 what a great comeback you made by winning the Estoril Open de Portugal this weekend.

I myself did not win any great prizes but I did play 9 holes of golf with my girlfriend. A score of 17 points is okay although there is room for improvements. Ended the front 9 with a birdie 🙂

Golf in Søndervig

This week I played the yellow/white course selection in Søndervig with my girlfriend. The weather was excellent but in the end too hot for golf, but we played it to the end anyway. I did 32 points and my girlfriend did a fantastic score of 41 stableford points which gives her a new handicap – congrats. 🙂

My round was good. I lost a few balls but overall I did good (1 birdie and 4 pars). The 3 wood became very stable, so stable that I managed to curve the ball a few times so that it followed the bended fairways – a really good feeling 🙂

It really paid off to play 9 holes with the Pro the other day.