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He did it again, congrats!

Congratulation to Thomas Bjørn for your second win just a week after your last victory. Can you do three in a row or are you going to take a deserved break?

After a month break I played a round of golf in the weekend, that was though for the body. I did a bad score but it was nice to get out and play again.

The golf season is entering the fall stage very soon, therefore enjoy what is left, the course in AAGC is in a perfect shape right now.

Played my best round of golf

The day started with a visit to Aros Art Museum in Aarhus along with Mette and two of her friends. The first priority was to have brunch and coffee secondly we wanted to have another look at the Asger Jorn exhibition plus two other exhibitions by Fredrik Raddum and Yue Minjun. You can see some of his “funny” paintings in this video, where he has taken other artist’s paintings and revamped them a bit 🙂 The two other exhibitions both had some funny art setups – I like when the art makes you laugh, get impressed or makes you think. I am looking forward to the opening of the Rainbow and Sculptures by the Sea – both in June.

After a great visit to the museum and stuffed with brunch we went home by foot through the city which was coming to life again. People was sitting along the creek and in the parks enjoying the sunny weather. We rushed out to play golf in a four ball with my brother and uncle and made it just in time for the teetime with a heart rate about 120, maybe that is to exaggerate but that is how the start felt like.

Although that we were four persons we could easily keep up with the three ball in front of us and played the first 9 holes in two hours and fifteen minutes. After the first 9 I had made a quite good score but I didn’t know how good yet because I had only noted the shots used by the four of us, not the stableford points. Mette played 9 holes and made 13 points which could have been better if she had made some points on the four holes where she scored no points. Her tee shots where perfect, but the putting didn’t work as great as when she beat me in our putting round Friday.

My brother and uncle both played a good round. My uncle played the course for the first time and scored 33 stableford points which is quite acceptable when you don’t know the course. He had some problems with the driver which sliced and sometimes didn’t slice which makes it had to predict where the ball is going when you take the stance. If he takes the time to practice the driver shots I’m sure that he will get it going more straight. My brother got a new handicap Thursday but decided  to play another fabulous round of golf making 39 stableford points. Congrats on the new handicap 🙂

The back 9 I played almost as good as the first 9 holes, I was about to loose the momentum a the start of the back 9 but got the putts rolling again scoring more pars and birdies. The round is the best round I have ever played and I doubt that I will make 44 stableford points again this year but if I do I certainly hope that it will be in a tournament 🙂 This means a new handicap which is calculated this way:  13.8 – ( 0.3 * 8 ) => 11.4

Here is the scorecard of my great round where the putter was good, the driver at its best and the shortgame almost as good as Phil’s 😉

Here is my great round in numbers:

  • Stableford points: 44
  • Total number of strokes: 79 (brutto) 64 (netto)
  • Double boogies: 2
  • Boogies: 7
  • Pars: 5
  • Birdies: 4
  • Putts (front 9): 2 + 2 + 1(sandsave) + 2 + 1(sandsave) + 1(gir) + 1(gir) + 2(gir) + 3(gir) = 15
  • Putts (back 9): 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 2(gir) + 1 + 2(gir) + 1(gir) = 16
  • Putts: 15 + 16 = 31

“Sandsave” means that I hit the greenbunker but was able to get it on green and putt it in the hole using one putt.

“Gir” means that I hit the “green in regulation” which is the par of the hole minus 2 putts.

Way to go Phil!

The weather situation in Denmark is beginning to look quite good. Saturday became the warmest day this year which fitted perfect with the AAGC AM/AM weekend where we shine up the golf course the first day and play a private match on the Sunday. Several weather forecasts from the middle of the week had shown that Saturday would become sunny and Sunday would be the total opposite with a lot of rain and windy. Fortunately Sunday improved to become a quite good day for golfing, the sun came through and we could enjoy a great day on the grass playing golf. My girlfriend played a lot better than I did, she got the second prize in her group – Congrats! way to go Mette 🙂

One of my favourite players on the tour, Phil Mickelson, won the Shell Houston Open. Congrats Phil! I hope that he can tweak the short game and win the Masters next weekend.