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Trackman is cool

The golf season 2014 has begun. Today I started the day with a trackman lesson at Aarhus indoor golf. Super start after 4 month with no golf on the menu.

A trackman is a box that can detect various metrics about how you hit the ball and how far the ball flies and report it to a computer. Short: a must have gadget! 🙂

The funny thing was that i started out with a higher club speed than I ended having but gained 10 meters more in length with a seven iron.

Link to a video about who use the trackman.

Things I need to work on:

  • Rotate around spline, move head to the left when hitting the ball.
  • Check ball position, we want to hit down on the ball not lift it or hit it thin. (Do not hit the grass before the ball that will duff the ball).
  • Hold the hands to the left or said in another way hold the hands/grip left of the ball not center. Keeping it left of the center will lower the loft of the club and increase the amount of force transferred to the ball and less spin compared to have it centered.
  • Hold the hand position (grip/hand in front of the ball, not behind) at impact. Try to hold through impact. Do not rotate the the club head through the ball because that will draw the ball.

Enjoy 2014

Det succesfulde golfsving

Det er titlen på en golf instruktionsvideo som jeg gerne til anbefale. Jeg har set en god håndfuld af disse og må sige at Anders Dahl Christiansen virkelig formår at gå i dybden med golfsvinget og endda på en forståelig måde. Han har jo også været landstræner så han ved hvad han snakker om.

Hvis du søger en video omkring short game, sÃ¥ gÃ¥ efter Phil’s short game dvd.

Way to go Phil!

The weather situation in Denmark is beginning to look quite good. Saturday became the warmest day this year which fitted perfect with the AAGC AM/AM weekend where we shine up the golf course the first day and play a private match on the Sunday. Several weather forecasts from the middle of the week had shown that Saturday would become sunny and Sunday would be the total opposite with a lot of rain and windy. Fortunately Sunday improved to become a quite good day for golfing, the sun came through and we could enjoy a great day on the grass playing golf. My girlfriend played a lot better than I did, she got the second prize in her group – Congrats! way to go Mette 🙂

One of my favourite players on the tour, Phil Mickelson, won the Shell Houston Open. Congrats Phil! I hope that he can tweak the short game and win the Masters next weekend.