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He did it again, congrats!

Congratulation to Thomas Bjørn for your second win just a week after your last victory. Can you do three in a row or are you going to take a deserved break?

After a month break I played a round of golf in the weekend, that was though for the body. I did a bad score but it was nice to get out and play again.

The golf season is entering the fall stage very soon, therefore enjoy what is left, the course in AAGC is in a perfect shape right now.

Det succesfulde golfsving

Det er titlen på en golf instruktionsvideo som jeg gerne til anbefale. Jeg har set en god håndfuld af disse og må sige at Anders Dahl Christiansen virkelig formår at gå i dybden med golfsvinget og endda på en forståelig måde. Han har jo også været landstræner så han ved hvad han snakker om.

Hvis du søger en video omkring short game, så gå efter Phil’s short game dvd.

Congrats to US Open champion Rory McIlroy

Well done champion. Great to see you take the trophy Rory.

I’ll have to go visit the practice area at the golf club to improve my swing, I hope you don’t mind me copying a few things from the great game of yours 🙂